(Gift)Frozen Lingonberries

    A distant cousin of the cranberry, Lingonberries are smaller and juicier. With a distinct tart flavor, they make an excellent fruity jam and give baked goods a fruity twist. Product arrives frozen.


(Gift)Vine Tomatoes

      Ripened on the vine and packaged with the stems still attached for naturally intense, sweet and juicy tomatoes. Please note that these tomatoes are larger than cherry tomatoes but smaller than regular tomatoes.


(Gift)Lactel UHT Whole Milk (1 L) Deal Ends 26 Feb

    Packed with healthy vitamins and a great source of calcium – for healthy bones and promoting growth. 3.5% fat.

(Gift) Vittel Mineral Water (1.5 L)

    All-natural mineral water from an underground aquifer in France. With stimulating effects to the body, Vittel provides a well-balanced supply of minerals and trace elements and is the official water of the Tour de France.