Who is Mifan MaMa?


Mifan Mama is the Shanghai based non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children in China. Founded in 2009 by Julie and Tony Martens and four other expats, their simple aim was providing unfortunate children with clean water, clothes, and basic food supplies. Over the next months,  Mifan Mama aims to deliver 1000kg of rice to kids at Beijing Sun Village orphanage. With your help, FIELDS can help them hit this target!


How to donate:


If customers order ONLY the Mifan Mama Rice Pack of rice, they will not be charged the standard RMB 50 delivery fee.

If customers order the rice and other items, the rice will be included as part of total order cost. Customers ordering more than RMB 200 are eligible for free delivery.

Please note that if you use Fields credit when placing the order, an additional RMB 50 delivery fee will be charged to your account but will then be reimbursed.