Sometimes it’s good to do something for someone else. The trouble is, it’s not always easy working out how to do that in an organized, truly meaningful way.


Step in Stepping Stones – a non-profit organization based in Shanghai – on a mission to improve English education at migrant schools across Shanghai.





Already at a disadvantage

Children of migrant workers – that very modern, very Chinese phenomenon – start school already at a disadvantage.


Since their families don’t possess a prized Shanghai hukou – China’s household registration system that grants citizens access to the full range of local public services – they are unable to attend the best public schools. (Migrant workers’ hukou is in their home towns instead, often thousands of miles away.)


You can help!

English is one of the three main core curriculum subjects for children in China, and the subject where migrant children are at the greatest disadvantage. And this is where you can help!


Get involved

As the year of the Monkey begins – renowned as a clever animal, appropriately enough – why not resolve to get more involved in your local community and experience a very different side of Shanghai life, through Stepping Stones?


There are several ways that you can help, no matter how little – or much – time you can spare.


English teaching at one of Shanghai’s migrant schools on either weekdays or weekends is a fascinating, truly rewarding experience. And take note – no prior teaching experience is needed and all training and teaching resources will be provided.


Alternatively, if you speak Chinese fluently, you could teach children how to look after their eyes, helping with Stepping Stone’s I Care program, which provides children with spectacles as needed.


Or you could help Stepping Stones in other ways – lending a hand in their office, say, or fundraising and helping to organize events.


For more information have a look at To volunteer, please complete the online registration form on the website. For more information, please e-mail