1. Return & exchange

Not happy? Send it back

At FIELDS, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and services 100% of the time.


It’s as simple as that.


Check our Returns and Exchange guidelines here.


Customer Service tailored to fit you

Our Customer Service team of native English and Chinese speakers is committed to improving your experience of FIELDS, our products and our services.


From 08:00 to 20:00 every day, they’re focused on resolving every problem and answering any question that you might have. Get in touch with them – they’re here for you.


400-021-0339 (08:00-20:00, China Standard Time)




2. Returns procedure

If you want to exchange a product or would like a refund please contact our Customer Service Hotline.


400-021-0339 (08:00-20:00, China Standard Time)



It helps us to help you if you can send a photo of the item that you’re worried about, along with your order number. We’ll get back to you to address the issue within 24 hours – often a lot sooner. Our Customer Service staff will work with you to resolve the issue.


Once returned items have been received at FIELDS, the items will be processed and you’ll be contacted within 48 hours.


We offer returns once per order, so it’s worth checking everything that has been delivered to your door before contacting us.


More information

Unfortunately, pre-ordered items cannot be cancelled once an order has been confirmed.


If you think that the packaging of products has been damaged or tampered with, please don't sign for the order – contact our Customer Service team as soon as you can.


When returning items for refund or exchange, please ensure that they are in their original, sealed condition and have not been used.


If you requested an invoice with your order, please return items with the original invoice.


If you used FIELDS rewards points to make a purchase, any refund will be reimbursed in points. If you paid with cash or a credit card, any refund will be paid in RMB directly to your FIELDS account. The amount will be automatically deducted from the cost of your next order with FIELDS.


Product pictures are for reference only.