1.Payment on delivery


Pay at your front door


Cash on delivery

It’s simple! When your order arrives at your front door, simply give the cash (RMB) to our delivery staff.


Credit & debit card on delivery

No cash to hand? Easy – simply swipe your Visa, MasterCard, or UnionPay card using one of the mobile pay stations our drivers carry with them.


Other ways to pay

When your order arrives at your front door, use your Smart or Shande card to pay.





Some pre-ordered items must be paid for prior to delivery. 

If an item is out of stock, we'll inform you and give you the option of having it delivered when it arrives.


2.Online payment


Pay when you order



"The world's most-loved way to pay".


Credit Card

We accept both international (via Paypal) and domestic Visa and MasterCard bank cards


Internet Banking

Pay online through your Chinese bank account.



The fastest-growing mobile payment service in China. 


WeChat Payment

After you place and confirm your order, simply scan the provided QR code to pay with your WeChat Wallet.