Being a vegetarian can be quite difficult in China, not to mention if you're a strict vegan. one of the best vegan restaurant I've stumbled across in Hangzhou would have to be Shou Kang Yong Vegetarian Restaurant (寿康永素食餐馆)located right near the famous West Lake in Hangzhou with an extensive photographic menu (incl. English Translations). The manager promises all the foods are 100% vegan (no meat, no eggs, no milk) and free of MSG. Much of the menu follows the Chinese Tradition of cooking vegetables/tofu/seitan in the style of meat, which is perfect for your non-vegan companions. But there is still plenty of choices if you're not a huge fan of that. My favorite would have to be the buckwheat dumplings - juicy and bursting with flavor - with the added nutrition for buckwheat flour replacing the traditional white flour. As an added bonus, the price is no where near as expensive as other vegetarian restaurants at an average of 40RMB/person, it'll definitely be worth the visit!