Important notice about fresh vegetables


Last night we experienced a temperature control issue in our warehouse, due to a power surge.

As a result, the temperature of one of our vegetable refrigerators dramatically changed, causing the fresh produce in it to freeze – compromising quality.


This affects any of you who placed an order with vegetables after 17:00 last night, to be delivered today.


We stand by our motto – “We will only sell food that we are proud to serve our own families”. Therefore we will not be distributing any affected produce today.


We extend our sincerest apologies and understand the inconvenience this may cause. If you were affected, we will add an RMB 50 coupon to your account within 7 days, by way of apology.


Our refrigerator has now been fixed and new shipments of fresh vegetables will shortly arrive from our farms, later this afternoon and tomorrow morning.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.