Why is your favorite produce out of stock?


As you may have noticed, we’ve been experiencing some ‘stock issues’ with our fresh produce recently.

That’s business speak for ‘why is my favorite fruit and veg so often out of stock?!’


Like you, we’ve been a bit thrown by all the rain and poor weather this summer has brought with it so far.


More importantly so have our farmers and their produce.


Said weather has been having a real impact on our crops, resulting in lower yields – and with that a lower level of overall quality.

This means that our farmers have less produce to send to us; and, unfortunately, we’ve actually been turning away more of that produce than we’d normally expect to.

The quality simply hasn’t been good enough for us – or you.


As with anything that’s truly good and natural, we’re rather at the mercy of Mother Nature here.

So thank you for your understanding.


Weather-wise, normal conditions appear to have resumed.

So fingers crossed, for happy crops – and that the growing season gets back to normal soon.