Every time you order online you’ll earn FIELDS points
– spend RMB 1 and earn 1 point. It’s as simple as that.

Please note:

1.Your membership will upgrade automatically once you’ve made enough orders or spent enough – you’ll upgrade 7 working days after making your qualifying order.

2. Membership levels are recalculated at the beginning of each year based on your order history over the previous 365 days .

3.To enjoy birthday privileges you need to have completed your registration information in full. Birthday coupons are only valid during the month of your birthday

4.Your birthday coupon will automatically be added to your FIELDS account on the last day of the month before your birthday. Extra birthday credits are only earned in the month of your birthday. Please make sure your registration information is completed in full. Please note that you can only use your birthday coupon once.

5.Each month, Gold and Platinum members can enjoy free delivery regardless of order size: 1x per month for Gold members; 3x per month for Platinum members.

6.We’ll inform you of any changes to the FIELDS loyalty program at least 7 working days in advance.