At FIELDS, we believe the answer to long-term sustainability lies in nurturing both community and environment. We see ourselves as part of a wider community of businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals working towards a solution to food safety issues in China. As well as supporting this expanding network, we also work closely with several charities assisting and empowering less fortunate members of our society so that they can overcome difficulties and flourish. Both Mifan Mamma and Baobei play important roles in doing this and FIELDS is proud to support them.


We’re also very interested in our network of local farms within a two-hundred kilometer radius of Shanghai, such as our partner in South Anhui who supplies us with the tastiest eggs we’ve found. Eating local brings enormous benefits. Not only does food picked within a few hours of delivery taste fresher and better, but the shorter distance that it travels between the field and your front door significantly decreases the harmful impact that transportation exacts on our environment. And by supporting our local farmers, we’re supporting the local economy, which provides the farmers with the incentives they need to practice responsible land development and farming in farming in future. It’s really the key to long-term sustainability.