You have the best selection of Deli meat in the city------Allen, working professional



I love your fruits. They’re always fresh and I can trust where they’re coming from

------Abbie, working mom


You are reliable. Your website is easy to use, you even have APP. Fantastic job!

------Cherie, living in Shanghai for 9 years


My favorite product is your Turkey. It’s just like I get it at home in Canada. Fields = home shopping, quality products, friendly people.

------Jamma Burgar, living in Nanjing along with family for 10 years


Your website is fantastic and really user friendly. I also like all the explanations about the products and your tips on how to cook it. Your range of products evolve really fast

------Dawn Rousseau, mother, living in Suzhou


You will go out of the way to make sure what I want is what I get. If Fields would be a person, it would be my grandma.

------ Ron Mona, father of two, Marketing professional in Shanghai for 6yrs


Great Online Supermarket! My favorite is frozen Pork Dumpling, it’s very authentic and good quality.

------Lee Seng Chay, proud father, living in Shanghai for 2yrs


Fields is the best thing I discovered for food in China. You know the quality you’re getting and they’re going to be there when you need it

------Lea, Principal at International School in Suzhou, been living there for 3yrs


I really like the option where I can make a request to choose a specific time of delivery when I am organizing a party with friends.

------Sabrina, mother of two, living in Shanghai for 1yr


Whenever I challenged Fields, they always followed up with fair solutions. This is important because we are buying food from them daily and can really trust them as they listen and act on their promises. Hat's off to you Fields.

------Mars has been living in Shanghai for 3-4yrs


Our family is living, eating and growing mostly from your products! Your wide selection enables us to ‘shop and cook’ as if we were in our home country.------Lauren, mother of two, living in Shanghai for 3 years



I love your fresh salmon, can certainly taste the quality! Your iPhone App is very handy, can order from work and pay using credit card on delivery.

------Connor, young professional


I tell all my friends to definitely try Fields. You’re awesome! I can shop at any time, even at 3am!

------Sherry, mother of one


I am a fan of your NPG natural chicken; the taste reminds me of chicken from my grandparents’ farm!

------Vasiluta, young professional, living in Shanghai for 1yr


There is an amazing variety of cheese available on your website! Your customer service stands out!

------Heather, expecting mother and professional


I feel that I can trust you, you have very personal touch, best thing is same day delivery.

------ Claudia, mother of two, living in Shanghai for 1.5 years


I like your vegetables, seafood and meat selections. I especially like Grass-fed meat to prepare healthy meals for my family.

------Berryl, mother of one, living in Shanghai for 7 years. Costa Rica


Same day delivery and easy payment are the reasons why I shop at Fields every week. Fields is tasty and reliable.

------Sip, soon to be father, has been in Shanghai for 6 years


“Fields is the only safe grocery store where you can find the best imported selections. I buy a lot of meat from Fields.

------Janny, mother of one


Fields’ delivery is always on time and customer service is excellent. Your seafood is amazing. My family really enjoys eating it.

------Sonya, mother of three, has been living in Shanghai for 2.5 yrs


I love your salmon, fresh milk, eggs and mozzarellas. Being able to buy organic products is my biggest reason why I shop at Fields.

------Rina, mother of two, has been living in Shanghai for 5 yrs


My favorite product is your NPG chicken. I also love your veggies and the New Zealand mango ice cream is delicious!

------ Liz, mother, living in Shanghai for 4 yrs


I can always find all the veggies that I need on your website

------ Daleen, mother, living in Shanghai for 4 yrs


If like me you don't want to think about next day’s groceries until after dinner, you can easily order at 9pm and the products will be at your door before breakfast time!

------Deepa, mother of two, living in Shanghai for 13 yrs


My baby’s first meal was made with veggies from Fields! All my fruits & vegetables come from you. I really like that you source quality local products.

------Dorothee, working mother, living in Shanghai for 6 yrs


I like the quality of your products. The website is user-friendly. Delivery is punctual & customer service is good.

------Martina Latzberg, mother of two, living in Shanghai for 3 yrs