1.Points from ordering: ordering on our website, you will get points, pay 1 yuan, and you will get 1 point, the points you get is equal to the money you paid. (The discount part is not included)
2.Points from promotion: there will be promotions released on our website to give extra points.
Period of validity
365 days
1.redeem product: points can be used to redeem certain products in our VIP mall
2.redeem coupon: points can be used to redeem coupon; Please be noticed the coupon can not redeem shipping fee
3.redeem service: points can redeem service like cooking class, catering, farm tour ect.
All the points will be active after 7 days you receive the order, before that the status of points will be "frozen", if part of product is returned the points will be recalculated.
You can log in, click the my account at the right side top of the front page and click "My point" to check your points.
Points can not be transferred and cash out. It can only be used in VIP mall.
Ordering not on the website will not get points, please be noted.
All right reserved.


1 Once the points changed into coupon, it can not be returned
2 The coupon redeemed can only be used by the account holder