4 Easy Ways To Pit Cherries


Don't have a cherry pitter? Try one of these easy methods to pit our luscious sweet cherries instead!




Slice around the pit, then use tip of knife to pit the cherries.


The paring knife method is great if you want your cherries cut in half for the recipe you’re using.  It’s perfect for making cherry salsa!






Poke chopstick through stem end of cherry and out the other.


Want to make it even easier?  Place the cherry on the mouth of a small bottle (like a beer bottle) and then pop the chopstick (or straw) through.  The pit and any juices drop into the bottle with no mess.






Use bent paper clip to scoop the pit out through stem end of cherry.


The paper clip method takes a few tries to get the hang of, but it’s a great method to show off your to friends with.





Gently squeeze pit from center of cherry out bottom. Leave stem intact.


The squeeze method is for when you want to pit cherries with the stem on.  Most of the other methods use the indentation where the stem used to be as the entry point for pitting.  This method is great for chocolate covered cherries, because they look so much cuter with the stem sticking out.