Get Creative with Frozen Berries


“Can I make more than plain old smoothies?” “Are different berry varieties better suited for certain recipes?” “Can I substitute frozen berries for fresh berries in recipes?”


We say a resounding YES to all these common questions! Summer may be over but our selection of delicious frozen berries means you can still give a wide range of sweet and savory dishes a berry tasty twist this winter. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, they’re little packets of immune boosting goodness, perfect for keeping coughs and colds at bay this year. Here are our berry-licious tips for creating exquisite, healthy creations with frozen raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries and blackcurrants. Enjoy!


Frozen Raspberries

Plump deep-pink raspberries are one of the sweetest and most versatile berries of all. As they are very delicate and take little time to defrost, use frozen raspberries straight from the freezer for most recipes.

  • Perfect for smoothies, cocktails and iced drinks.
  • Just defrost or poach and stir through Bircher Muesli or use as a cereal topper.
  • Great for muffins, friands, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, puddings, tiramisu, trifles, and ice-creams.
  • Sprinkle frozen raspberries over a pavlova and cream just before serving.
  • Swirl through sweetened mascarpone, ricotta or whipped cream.
  • Good for jams.


Frozen Blueberries

Frozen Blueberries provide the same amount of antioxidant support as the fresh ones. These versatile berries can be used for all kinds of drinks and desserts.

  • Quick to defrost, sprinkle on breakfast cereal or porridge.
  • Add to a milkshake or smoothie or blend with your favorite fruit juice.
  • Excellent for muffins, friands, cheesecakes, puddings, crumbles and trifles.
  • Good for sauces and jams.
  • Great for a sweet snack straight from the freezer on a hot day.


Frozen Strawberries

Our Organic Frozen Strawberries are excellent for smoothies, drinks, sauces and baking. Once defrosted, these berries quickly soften and lose their shape so they’re best not used as a garnish, they’re better when incorporated in a dish like a summer pudding, tiramisu and cheesecake. Or simply poached and used as a topping. If blending in smoothies and drinks, as they’re very firm it’s best to defrost frozen strawberries for 15-20 minutes prior to adding to your blender.

  • Pop them into glasses or champagne or sparkling wine to serve.
  • Add to punches or blend in smoothies, drinks and cocktails.
  • Excellent for sweet sauces or puree with a little sugar and serve over ice-cream, chocolate cake and cheesecakes.
  • Semi-defrost and serve as a healthy snack for kids.
  • Warm in a pan and team with crepes or toasted waffles.


Frozen Cranberries

Frozen cranberries add wholesome fruit appeal to baked goods, preserves, relishes and dairy. You don’t need to defrost these red gems before using, just add frozen berries to the recipe if appropriate. Try branching out to use these tart berries in not only sweet sauces and jellies, but also in savory dishes.

  • Substitute cranberries for raisins in recipes for a tangy change.
  • Warm in a pan to make a cranberry sauce and serve over meats or poultry.
  • Great for puree and serve with brie at your next dinner party.
  • Perfect for smoothies, cocktails and iced drinks.
  • Excellent for muffins, scones, friands, pies, crumbles and trifles.


Frozen Lingonberries



Lingonberries are tiny, round berries bursting with a cranberry like flavor. A rare find in China, frozen lingonberries are popular for their great flavor and keeping ability. Perfect for jams, jellies, juices or heated and served over meats or poultry. They have extremely high amounts of antioxidants and very rich in anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant researchers believe may help decrease inflammation and stop cancer before it gets started.

  • Blend in smoothies.
  • Sprinkle on granola or breakfast cereal.
  • Warm in a pan and serve over meats or poultry.
  • Excellent for sweet sauces and drizzle over pancakes or crepes.
  • Delicious in jams and Jell-Os. 


Frozen Blackcurrants

Fragrant and aromatic, these juicy berries are an extremely rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. Black Currants have a distinctive sharp, savory taste, making them great additions to pastries, meat sauces, juices and desserts. The fruit is an excellent example of where a frozen food can be the equal of, if not better than chilled-fresh. You can use frozen fruit, wherever recipes suggest fresh. They don’t always need to be thawed in advance, just add frozen berries to the recipe if appropriate.

  • Blackcurrant’s intense flavor and color are perfect for summertime gelatos.
  • Blackcurrants, tomato and mint are a surprising combination that goes with just about anything but even better as its own salad course.
  • Blackcurrants give bananas a Cinderella makeover, especially effective in smoothies.
  • Blackcurrants and lamb: The French have always paired their best cabernet sauvignon wines with classic lamb dishes. Using blackcurrants with the lamb itself is a perfect pairing.
  • Lovely paired with rich smoked salmon.
  • Blackcurrants and honeydew is a superb pairing: especially drizzled over thick Greek-style yogurt.
  • Blackcurrants-infused mayonnaise has a stunning color and is incredibly good as a dipping sauce for barbequed prawns or for vegetable crudities.
  • For a fusion flair: try a blackcurrant-onion savory marmalade heated and tossed through soba noodles.