120 g Plain Flour

150 ml Boiled Water

1/2 Packet of Bonito Soup Base Powder

50 g Chinese Mountain Yam

3 Eggs

1/2 Medium Cabbage

1 bunch of Spring Onions

Vegetable Oil

Otafuku Sauce


Dried Bonito Flakes



100 g Ground Pork or Ground Beef

100 g Peeled Shrimp



Sometimes known as a Japanese pancake, the great thing about okonomi-yaki is you can add almost any of your favorite ingredients.


1. Chop the cabbage and spring onions (discarding the top and bottom) into 5 mm pieces.


2. Boil the water and pour the fish soup powder in. When the powder mixes in, take the pan off the heat and allow to cool.


3. Peel and grate the Chinese mountain yam.


4. Put the flour in a mixing bowl with the eggs. Add the soup base and grated yam little by little, mixing together as you go. Add the cabbage and the spring onion to the mixture (if adding ground pork or ground beef, add to this to the mixture too).


5. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil and place ¼ of the mixture liquid in it. If adding peeled shrimp, place them on top of the mixture in the pan. Cook until light brown, turn over and cook the other side.


6. Remove the okonomi-yaki from the pan. Top with Otafuku sauce and mayonnaise.