Carve Your Own Pumpkin!


Enter your Spooky Pumpkin as part of our Pumpkin Carving Competition!*



Pumpkin Carving Guide:


Step 1: Cut a Hole in the Pumpkin

The first step is hollowing out the pumpkin. Use a keyhole saw to cut the hole. If you'll be using a candle for illumination, you can cut the hole in the pumpkin's top (always put the candle in a high-sided glass, and never leave unattended). For electric lights, make the hole in the bottom or side so you can hide the cord.








Step 2. Scoop Out the Flesh

Scoop out flesh, pulp, and seeds with a plaster scraper or fleshing tool.










Step 3. Transfer Your Design

Now it's time to transfer your selected designs. Affix it to the pumpkin, and trace the design by poking holes with a sharp awl, needle tool, or T-pin.









Step 4. Carve the Features

Remove the template and carve along the pattern with a miniature saw or serated knife.

If desired, place candles, small flashlights, or battery-operated light sources inside your pumpkin.

Tip: Prevent exposed areas of the pumpkin's flesh from turning brown by applying a film of Vaseline.
















* Jack O'Lanterns will be judged on 1 November 2013. Entries accepted until 31st October 2013