Smart Snacking for the Snackaholics


We're not sure about you, but our Fields team definitely over indulged in the Golden week holiday, especially during those final rainy days. We also know that the coming cooler weather will mean we want to comfort eat over the next few months. Not to mention ‘tis also the season for ghouls and ghosts, witches and bats…and the hard-to-resist Trick or Treat candies that will haunt our waistlines far longer than Halloween. But we do have some GOOD news: not all snacks are bad for you! Seriously, snacking is only really bad when you eat the wrong foods, or too much. If you make the right choices, snacks can actually boost your energy levels between meals and supply essential vitamins and minerals. To make sure you don’t get tricked into over-indulging in festive seasons or cold spells again, we’ve included a list of Fields’ tasty tips for smart snacking, healthy low-calorie snack ideas and easy no-bake snack recipes (because we know sometimes it’s hard to get your hands on an oven in China).


Smart Snacking Tips

Keep an online food diary (such as MyFitnessPal), so you know exactly what you have eaten and can see your calorie intake.

Choose nutrient-rich foods from the grains, fruit, vegetable, dairy and protein food groups.

Snack only when you’re hungry.  Are you actually hungry? Or are you tired? Bored? Lonely? Stressed? Skip the urge to nibble and feed the urge to do something by walking the dog or cleaning the house.

Check your fluid level. It’s easy to confuse the signals for hunger and thirst; try drinking a refreshing glass of water before you dig into a snack.

Portion control your snack sizes. Eating directly from a multiple-serving package can lead to overeating. If you’re craving a sugary or savory snack, start with a small size or share it with friends.

Plan snacks in advance. If you know you’ll be out all day, make sure to bring some fruit, veggie sticks, wholegrain crackers or a handful of nuts so you won’t be tempted reaching for the vending machine or queuing up at the nearest fast-food joint.

Load up on protein. Foods with protein (meat, dairy, nuts and soy) provide more nutrients and help you stay fuller for longer.


Guilt-free Snacks

Sliced tomato with a sprinkle of Feta and olive oil.

Veggie sticks with low fat dips, such as hummus, cottage cheese or tzatziki.

Air-popped popcorn

Low-fat or fat-free natural yogurt with 1 cup mixed berries

1/2 cup of frozen yogurt

2 wholegrain or rye crackers with cottage cheese, low fat soft cheese, hummus or tuna.

Homemade fruit smoothie

Low-sodium tomato or mixed vegetable juice

Tablespoon of mixed unsalted seeds and nuts.

Homemade fruit compote or stewed apple and cinnamon

1 hard-boiled egg

Dark chocolate – such as Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Kisses

A handful of pretzel sticks

Small bowl of sugar free jell-o (jelly)

1 portion of fruit and 1 low-fat cheese stick

Oatmeal with low-fat milk:

Peanut butter on bananas

Turkey on multi-grain bread


Healthy Snack Recipes

Apricot Canapes

Winter Fruit Compote

Spicy Chicken & Bean Wrap Whipped Strawberry Lemonade