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  • How do I earn myFIELDS points?

  • Spend RMB 1 and earn 1 point

    Every time you order online you’ll earn myFIELDS points – spend RMB 1 and earn 1 point. It’s as easy as that.

  • Special promotions can earn more points

    Throughout the year, special promotions will allow you to earn even more myFIELDS points. So keep checking back!

  • How long are myFIELDS points valid for?

  • 365 days from the day you earned them.

  • How do I use myFIELDS points?

  • Exchange myFIELDS points for products

    Exchange points for products in the myFIELDS mall! Click on ‘Loyalty program’ in the top menu bar and then ‘Monthly special’ in the left hand bar.

    Exchange myFIELDS points for coupons

    Points can also be used to buy FIELDS coupons (RMB 50 or RMB 100). Click on ‘Loyalty program’ in the top menu bar and then ‘Redeem coupons’ in the left hand bar.

    Special events

    You can also exchange points to take part in special FIELDS events, including cooking classes, farm tours and more. We’ll send you an email detailing events and inviting you to sign up at the appropriate time.

  • When can I start shopping with my points?

  • • 7 days after your order arrives at your front door, your points will be available to use in your FIELDS account. (Please note points are credited as soon as you order but are ‘frozen’ to ensure that you’re happy with your order first – if you’re not and you return a product, your points total will be recalculated.)

  • How many points are in my account?

  • Log in to your account at You must be on a computer.

    Click on your name at the top of the page.


    In the left hand menu, click on ‘My points’.

  • Please note…

    1. Points can’t be cashed out and exchanged for RMB.
    2. Purchases not made online, at events for example, won’t earn points. Sorry about that.
    3. Points can only be used by the account holder who earned them.
    4. You can’t pay for shipping fees, when applicable, using coupons.
    5. Once points have been exchanged for coupons, the coupons cannot be returned.
    6. Delivery fees are calculated based on final amount owed, after discounts and points have been applied.

Hotline :400-021-0339 ( 8:00AM ~ 8:00PM )