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Thanksgiving dinner is supposed to be a feast, a time to let yourself go, pig out and be a bit of a glutton. As well as meaning a great meal and a lot of family fun, it also usually means a lot of leftover turkey. Which is fine; anyone cooking a special holiday meal for their loved ones wants to make sure they have more than enough. But it can be tricky to make full use of the vast amounts of food that are left over from these seasonal feasts.

Still, most people would rather that those leftovers didn’t go to waste, particularly when you see some of the shocking numbers. By some estimates, Americans in 2012 wasted around a third of the turkey that they purchased, which perhaps doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that this amounts to just over 200 million pounds (~92 million kilograms) of turkey meat. For reference, the energy put into each uneaten pound of turkey roughly equals 11 miles (~17km) of driving and a 94-minute shower.

So we’ve put together a few delicious ways of making sure your uneaten turkey doesn’t go to waste and tastes delicious at the same time. Refrigerated, your turkey should last 2-4 days; if it’s frozen it will last much longer, even up to 6 months. All of which means you have plenty of time to try out some of our tasty turkey leftover recipes!


Turkey Banh Mi

Turkey Banh Mi

A seasonal, State-side take on a Vietnamese classic. This slightly spicy, slightly sweet cold turkey sandwich is the perfect quick and easy snack for the day after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Read more...


Turkey & Mashed Potato Pot Pies

Turkey and Mashed Potato Potpies

A great way to turn two of Thanksgiving’s most plentiful leftovers in to a hearty meal all their own, these hearty pies will be a great follow-up main course to the main event. Read more...


Chunky Turkey & Vegetable Soup

Chunky Turkey-Vegetable Soup

A colorful, soothing broth perfect for those cold winter months that always follow Thanksgiving. Read more...


Turkey Curry

Turkey Curry

A mild, creamy curry ideally suited to avoiding a cold winter night, this recipe will make the most of nearly all of your Thanksgiving leftovers. Read more...


Turkey-Poblano Tostadas

Turkey-Poblano Tostadas

A great way to spice up your leftovers, these tostadas combine turkey, cheddar cheese and green peppers to create a truly unique Thanksgiving snack. Read more...


Crispy Rosemary Potato Cakes

Crispy Rosemary Potato Cakes

A delicious take on hash browns, and a great breakfast for the day after the feast. Read more...


Cranberry tartlets

Cranberry Tartlets

A great way to use up those cranberry sauce leftovers for a small, sweet desert; a bonus desert for all that leftover turkey. Read more...


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